The Maker

Yarn strewn haphazardly on the floor, sewing patterns crinkled in a pile, notions of every kind spilled from their jars and me...obliviously sitting among the chaos, lost in dreams and ideas and who knows what else. I am a maker. A daydreamer. An artist. A soul that gets lost in their own wild imagination.

I don't know any other way. When I was little I remember having an imaginary friend. We would go on grand adventures and have even grander conversations. Of course, my parents were a tad worried at my loner and perhaps somewhat odd tendencies at that point, but to their relief I did grow out of that phase and deep into the next. With writing and drawing and music consuming my youth. 

There has never been a time in my life where some form of art hasn't been a way of expression for me. Flitting back and forth between mediums. Always learning, always challenging myself to build the next art worthy skill. To think of never making another thing in my time here would mean utter destruction to my core. As makers we are what we create. We live so deeply within our craft that it becomes our connection to ourselves and to the world around us. We breathe in the process and exhale the product. We feel whole when our work is done and yet at the same time broken because it is over. That old saying about hearts on sleeves...yes, that is the maker. Our heart art is worn on the outside, cringing to be accepted in this world knowing that sometimes we fall short but even more when we aren't understood.

Our craft becomes our escape. We find peace as we work. It draws us back to existence and forces our tendency of restlessness into a stillness we can't find elsewhere. For me, being a maker feels like a calling. A pulI to see the world through the lens of art and craft; almost as if to feel in color and exist in tradition.

So here's to the makers like me. Lost in their dreams, hands and hearts moving in their own unique rhythm. The maker, happy to be among their own chaos. The maker, looking at the world with a passion of possibility. The maker who knows nothing else...but to make.

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