Custom Orders

As a small batch yarn dyer I'm not able to keep large quantities of each colorway in stock all the time. So to help with those sweater/larger project needs I now offer custom orders for a single colorway on a single base. You must order a minimum of 3 skeins (maximum of 12) on a single base in the same colorway to qualify for a custom order.
Please fill out the form below with the colorway (you can find all current colorways on the colorways tab on the main menu), quantity, and base (also on the main menu under the bases tab). Be sure to use a valid email address. Please allow 24 hours for a price quote and turnaround time.
Turnaround times are dependent upon in-stock bare yarn bases. If I must order the base from my supplier there is a 4 week turnaround time. If the base is in-stock, processing times are 2 weeks before shipment.
Please note, depending on my work load/schedule, custom orders may not be available at certain times. Thank you for understanding!
**Custom orders are only available in yarn. I am currently not taking custom orders for fiber/top wool**